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Ten years ago, an extensive CD collection including rare limited editions, signed copies and first pressings would have been a status symbol indicating your profound knowledge of music. Today those CDs often collect dust, because a lot of music consumers nowadays prefer to listen to music via streaming platforms or have rediscovered their love for vinyl. But: there are still many passionate music collectors who are happy if a former fan is willing to sell his used CDs online. Because sometimes there are some rare treasures hidden in those CD collections.

You also call some old music discs your own and thought, why not sell my CDs online? You have come to the right place. No matter whether you want to sell Blues, classical music, Rock or Pop music CDs online, at momox you can sell all your CDs thanks to our simple online buying function. CDs keep their high audio quality throughout the decades and you can always enjoy sound on a high level. With this in mind, we offer a fair price for the CDs you want to sell us online. This offer also includes DVDs with live music like concert recordings.

It is inevitable that discs show some minor scratches over the years. As long as the music can be played without any trouble, the CDs you want to sell will pass our quality check. The booklet and possible original attachments should not be damaged, however. Whether it’s a single or an album – with momox you can sell all your CDs online. Give them a second life and even earn money with it: There are a lot of music collectors out there, who will be glad to stumble upon some of these treasures.

How do I benefit if I sell my CDs online at momox?

  • Without any kind of effort, you can sell your CDs online from the comfort of your home.
  • For each item, we will offer you a fixed price based on the current market value. This way you know right from the start, how much money you can expect.
  • Do you want to sell your whole collection of CDs online in one go? With momox that just needs a few clicks.
  • No matter if CD, DVD or a book: At momox you can sell all types of media.
  • If you want to sell your CDs online no transaction or delivery fees apply.
  • If you don’t have the time for a trip to the post office, you can get the CDs picked up at your home.
  • Good for the environment: When you sell CDs online at momox, each item helps to protect the environment.

How do I sell my old CDs online at momox?

Selling your old CDs online is very comfortable and fast. Before you can start to sell your CDs online at momox you will need to register – don’t worry: it’s free. The next thing is to look for the barcode on the back of your CD’s sleeve. Don’t worry if the CD case has been scratched a little over the years. As long as it is a standard CD case that can be replaced, that is no problem. To find out how much money you will get for your CD, simply insert the number below the barcode into the input field on our website. We will then check the current market value of your CD or CDs with several other vendors and offer you a fixed price immediately. If our offer meets your expectations and you want to sell your CDs online, all you need to do is to confirm the transaction. After that, you can either proceed to enter more barcodes if you want to sell more CDs online or you can finalise the transaction. After you have sent us your old CDs at no extra cost to you we will transfer the agreed sum to the specified bank account. This is how easy it is to sell your old CDs online with momox and make someone else happy with your old music.