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Selling games has never been so easy!

Would you like to create some space in your home by selling us your old and used games? momox gives you the opportunity to sell your games for cash. We are one of the largest online game buyers and it does not matter to us if you want to sell us just the one game or five of them.

Sell your games online – with just a few clicks

On average, each household has about ten discarded video games, which could be sold online. Your used video games do not have to gather any more dust on your shelf. We offer you an easy solution: sell us your old games. It has never been so simple and profitable to sell your games online. You only have to enter the barcode into the online form and repeat this process with all the games you would like to sell. By entering the EAN (European item number), you will immediately receive the price that we offer for your game. So, you can see straight away if our price meets your expectations. If you don’t want to sell any more games, you go to checkout. A few days after we received your games, the money will be transferred to your account. There are no adjustment fees. If you want to sell several games, we offer you to send your packages free of charge to one of our logistics centres.

Our service gives you the opportunity to sell your games quick and safely for cash. Other advantages are the convenience and the transparency, as you get a fixed amount for each item. If you want to sell the games online at momox, you just have to type them into our system and send them to us.

The best place to sell games online

The videogames you want to sell will be subjected to a multi-stage quality control. When we buy any videogames, which need to be activated online, we make sure the game is unopened, shrink-wrapped and in its original packaging. We do not sell pure online games. When selling your games at momox, you can save up to 70 %. Since May 2016, we have been able to sell more than 100 million games online and have thus become one of the largest re-commerce providers with regard to video games. momox is the best place to sell your games for cash. You will not have the trouble of having to write your own product description for the game you want to sell and you will not have to wait for a suitable buyer either. You can also sell games which are PG-18, as we ensure the necessary age control before we re-sell your game.

Sell your used games and help to protect the environment

We buy your second-hand video games and we also re-sell them. We are convinced that every single purchase is one small contribution to the protection of the environment. When video games are produced, a large number of raw materials are used and many of them can be saved by buying second-hand games. To make it even easier to sell your old games online, momox launched a special app. With this app, you can conveniently sell your used games for cash with the help of your smartphone. Simply use the barcode scanner by pointing the smartphone camera to the barcode, which you will find on the back cover of the games you want to sell.

If you would like to sell us your used video- and computer games online, but still have some questions, please do not hesitate to ask our customer support. If you need more details regarding our terms and conditions or how to sell your games, please take a look at the bottom left corner of the website. You will find detailed information on which kinds of games we buy for cash. You will also find some of the most frequently asked questions there.