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momox: sell your DVDs and Blu-rays online at a fair price

Every home has them: old DVDs and Blu-rays that no one has seen in a long time, duplicate DVDs and Blu-rays, or films that you received as an unwanted gift. Have you ever wondered what to do with those old DVDs and Blu-rays you don’t want to watch any longer? You could give them away as a gift to friends and family. But let’s be honest your old movies are not always the most suitable gift. Why not just sell all those DVDs for cash? Selling your used DVDs online will bring you a lot of new space in your living room.

You may ask yourself how to find the best place to sell your Blu-rays and DVDs for cash. You could sell them at an online auction. But this may cost you fees and you never truly know how much money you will get for your items. momox can offer you an easy, comfortable and transparent way to sell your DVDs and Blu-rays for money. We will find the right new owner for your old movie treasures. After all, true film lovers and collectors enjoy to buy older copies, as they often contain additional material, cut off scenes, making-offs and exclusive interviews with actors, producers and directors. At momox you can also sell movies which are rated PG-18.

Sell your used DVDs – easy as pie

Benefit from momox’ experience as a leading platform for the sale of media articles on the Internet.

  • Instead of cooling your heels trying to sell your DVDs at the flea market you can sell your films comfortably from home via momox.
  • Contrary to an online auction, you will know in advance how much money you will get for your DVDs and Blu-rays. We offer a guaranteed fixed price for each article based on the current market price.
  • You can sell several movies at once. You don’t have the trouble of having to set up countless individual auctions for every single DVD and Blu-ray. At momox you can sell all of your DVDs in one go.
  • If you have other items like e.g. books and CDs you can send them together with your DVDs and Blu-rays in one package.
  • At momox, you can sell your DVDs without having to pay any fees. Plus, all shipping costs are paid by momox.
  • On request, a parcel service will come by and pick up your package.
  • Recycling: every re-used DVD and Blu-ray is a small contribution to the protection of the environment.

How can I sell my DVDs and Blu-rays?

Selling your DVDs and Blu-rays is uncomplicated and fast. But before you can sell your DVDs for money, you will have to register at momox. Take your DVD or Blu-ray and search for the barcode on the back of the cover. Should the case be damaged, it is not a problem, as long as the data carrier itself is undamaged. When you have old books, you want to sell you need to enter the ISBN number. And for your old DVDs, you do the same with the barcode. After entering the barcode, you will see the price for your DVD or Blu-ray. momox quickly determines the price as we perform a comparison in real time. In order to proceed, you need to confirm the price. You can enter as many barcodes as you wish before you finalise the transaction. Now you can send us your package with your old DVDs and Blu-rays and a few days later you will receive the money in your bank account.

Since May 2006 more than 1.8 million customers have trusted us and sold their media articles to us. We would be honoured if you decided to sell your used DVDs and Blu-rays online via momox.