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Sell your old textbooks online

Every student knows this problem: You have completed a course or even finished your studies, and now a lot of old books are lying around at home with no use. Maybe the textbooks were of great assistance during your studies or maybe the only reason you bought them was because of one professor’ recommendation. No matter the reasons, at some point all of your old textbooks become useless. So, what can you do when you own a lot of old textbooks? Most of the times these books cost a lot of money and now they gather dust? You can change that: momox has an adequate solution for the problem: Sell us these textbooks and university books – simple, fast and with a profit for you.

Sell textbooks easily in only a few steps at momox

What to do with your old university books? The internet has a lot of answers to the question, giving them away for free to other students or libraries would be an option – but why not sell your textbooks and make some profit at the same time? If you would like to sell your textbooks, you shouldn’t wait too long. Because the longer you wait, the more they lose in value. At momox you will receive a guaranteed fixed price, based on current market prices. Furthermore, there are no hidden shipment costs. Whether you want to sell textbooks on your PC or with our momox App – with momox you are always well advised.

How to sell textbooks on momox

To sell textbooks at momox is rather simple. All you need is the ISBN number from your old book. Most of the times this number can be found on the back cover of the book. Enter the number into the input field. A few seconds later momox will make you a fair offer. Add the article to your cart and repeat the process for as long as you have books ready for selling. It’s most likely that you –own more than one university book. After that, the job is as good as done. To sell your textbooks you just need to send us the used books– a free pick-up is also possible. If the books pass our quality check, we will transfer the agreed price to your account immediately.

Requirement for selling textbooks on momox

On arrival at momox, each book is thoroughly checked. To ensure that you will receive the agreed selling price for your textbooks, it is important that you know everything about our conditions here at momox. Of course, you should always take good care of your books, even if you have no intention of selling them at a later stage. Because momox wants to resell the books they should be in good condition. If for instance, you send a whole series of textbooks, these have to be complete. Slight signs and traces of use cannot be avoided completely and will be accepted as normal wear and tear. Nevertheless, no color, markings or any other kind of writing should be in the books. You can only sell books to momox, which meet the aforementioned requirements. In the unlikely event, that a book does not meet our standards, we will contact you and ask, what you would like to happen with the book or books. We can return the book or books to you, however, we will need to charge you the shipping costs. Or, if you prefer, we can also dispose of books which are unfit for sale. So, if you keep the conditions in mind it is very simple and comfortable to sell your textbooks.