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The issue of text- and educational books can be quite a nuisance for children and parents. Children have to carry those heavy educational books with them. And parents have to pay more and more money to buy the required textbooks. Textbooks can cost a lot, since teachers usually want to work with the current (and expensive) versions. It’s no wonder that parents are annoyed about the expenses. After all, the actual use of the respective textbook is very limited in time. By the time the child has finished the term or perhaps already graduated one is confronted with one big question: "What to do with all those old school- and textbooks?" If no one, not even smaller siblings can make use of the school books momox is your solution. With momox you can turn your old textbooks into cash. momox buys your old textbooks.

Sell your textbooks only at momox

Of course, you could just give away those old textbooks. Libraries and other institutions are always interested in educational books. But why not benefit from the sale of those textbooks? But where can you sell school books and textbooks? There are several answers to this question, but only one makes true sense. Who wants to buy your used school book? It can be hard to find a suitable buyer at a flea market or on an online sales platform such as Sometimes you will have to minimize your personal price considerably. At momox you can sell your school book at a fair price. If you sell your used textbooks at momox you have a guaranteed fixed price. Moreover, momox made sure that the process of selling educational books is easy and user friendly. So, that everyone - students and former students - can start the book purchase process. Furthermore, the sale of used textbooks is free of charge: no set up fee and no shipping costs. You can easily sell your old textbooks online at momox. You can simply use your computer or the momox app.

How to sell schoolbooks at momox?

The book purchase begins with the ISBN number on the textbook, which can be found on the back cover. This number is entered into the input field. After that momox determines the guaranteed fixed price. The fixed price is based on the current market price. Simply add any item you would like to sell to the shopping cart. This process can be repeated several times. After completing the sales process, the package will be packed and sent to us free of charge. The money will be credited as soon as the school books have been checked. It is just as simple as it sounds. momox makes it possible.

What are the selling conditions at momox?

Children should always handle their school books with great care, and not just because they want to sell them later. Since momox wants to resell the purchased books, they should be in a good condition. Especially in textbooks, use and age damage are unavoidable. But if you want to receive the fixed price, the damage must remain as low as possible. It is better to avoid mark and notes as well. As soon as the textbook does not meet the purchasing criteria, the purchase cannot take place. In this case, we either dispose of the book or we return it to you. For the return of the package we will charge the shipping costs. So, if you or your children are only a bit attentive, you will be able to sell your old textbooks. Simple and easy - with momox of course.