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How to sell your kid’s books and get the most out of it

No child should grow up without beautiful children’s books. However, over the years the books accumulate, especially when the child is a vivid reader. But at some point, every kid becomes older and therefore tired of some of their old children's books, or maybe there is simply need for new room for more books. Eventually the kid leaves the parental home. Either the kid starts to sort out the books or it leaves them behind to the parents who have even less use for children’s books. momox is there to help and to buy those old children’s books.

You want to sell your used children’s books? We show you how it’s done!

Sure, there are other ways as well. You could just throw your kid’s books away. But that would do no justice to those beautiful and elaborate children’s books. Or you could simply donate them. To other children or to charities who are looking forward to every donation. But if you want to make some money on those old books you better sell them. You can try your luck and sell them at flea markets or auction portals. But why not sell your kid’s books where it is safe? momox is just the right place for that. With momox you can easily and comfortably sell your children's books from home. Never was it easier to make money by clearing things out.

The advantage of the book sale at momox

The sale of old children's books at momox offers some decisive advantages over other sales opportunities. There are no fees like stand fees which you have to pay at the flea market. Also, you will not be disappointed by small profits. If you sell your kid’s books at momox you have a guaranteed fixed price. The price is based on the current market price and can be quickly determined by a simple query. As a seller, you do not have to pay any shipping costs. momox pays the shipping costs. The previously calculated revenue will be transferred after just a few days. It couldn’t be any easier to sell your books online. No hidden costs, a guaranteed fixed price and a great time saver as well. For these reasons, your old children's books are best taken care of at momox.

Sell your old children's books – pay attention to the following:

The ISBN number is mandatory. You enter the number into the input field and you will receive the monetary value immediately. This can be done with all of your old children's books: Enter the code, add it to your shopping cart and close the sale. The package will then be sent free of charge to momox or can be collected free of charge from the seller. At the head office, the books will be examined with regard to the purchase criteria. If the old books meet our standards the money will be immediately credited to the seller's account.

Criteria for a successful sale of children's books

In order to receive the calculated fixed price, the books have to fit our purchase criteria. Since the purchased books will be sold later, they should be in a reasonable condition. Of course, slight traces of use and age are inevitable - especially since the books have been read countless times at a young age. However, there should be no doodle or something similar on the pages, otherwise the purchase via momox cannot take place. In this case, your kid’s book will be disposed or returned to the seller. In that event momox will charge the shipping costs.