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Sell your old audiobooks

Audiobooks are becoming increasingly popular – especially because you can take them almost anywhere with you. You do not have to read yourself and you do not have to carry some heavy, unhandy book with you. You can listen to it on your way to school, to work, during a long drive or at night before you go to bed. There are countless opportunities to listen to a good and exciting audiobook. If you love literature, but you are not such a good and fast reader audiobooks are your alternative. But sooner or later audiobooks become old, the years pass and your audiobooks start gathering dust on your bookshelf. And maybe you are just bored listening to the same stories again and again. It may be the case that you have no need for the original CD anymore since you transferred the audiobook to other data carriers. Ultimately, the question arises: what do you do with your old audiobooks? momox has the answer: Sell your audiobooks. Simple and easy.

Sell your used audiobooks at momox

Audiobooks are relatively expensive therefore it is a pity if they only lie around. Selling is the keyword. Of course, you can try your luck at the flea market, at an eBay auction or at a second-hand bookshop. But to sell a book, or to sell an audiobook can be inconvenient. You never know if you will find the right buyer or if you will achieve an acceptable price. If you still want to sell your old audiobooks and earn some money you are at the right place. momox buys your old books and audiobooks for a guaranteed fixed price.

Audiobook sale – easy as pie

With just a few clicks you can sell your audiobook for a fixed price. The sale is super easy and after just a few days you will receive the money for your old audiobook. momox is interested in every audiobook, regardless of the genre. momox buys children’s books, adult literature, romance, thrillers, detective stories, non-fiction etc. Simply enter the ISBN number into the input field and momox can offer you a guaranteed fixed price. Add the audiobook to your cart and follow the instructions to complete the sale. The audiobook can be sent to momox. You can do so free of charge. If required, it can be picked up at your home by a delivery service. Once the package has arrived at momox it will be checked. We check whether the audiobook corresponds to our purchase conditions. If that is the case the money will be immediately transferred to your account. No need to wait, start your audiobook sale now.

Purchase conditions at momox

In order for you to receive your money, the condition of the audiobook must meet our standards. We cannot accept a book or an audiobook if it is incomplete, the CD is scratched, the cover is missing or damaged, or if it cannot be played properly. So, before you decide to sell your audiobook, you should check its condition first. You will find a detailed overview on our site. If everything is all right, the sale of your audiobook is going to be simple and fast.