Important information

Due to Brexit, we have to discontinue our service on for the moment!
Open sales will be processed and you can still access your account.

4. Questions regarding the webpage

Please check:

  • Are you logging in with the same email address you used when registering with momox?
  • Is the password correct? If you have forgotten your password, you can have a new one sent to you.

If it still doesn't work, please send a short note via our contact form here. We'll be glad to be of assistance!

On the top-right of the page you can log out of your account.

Usually, you enter the barcode number of an item, then you put the item into the sales basket and then you enter the next barcode number, and so on. If you have a larger amount of items you wish to sell, it can be more convenient to enter all of the numbers at once. And you can do exactly that with the "Sell quicker" option. Why not give it a try!If you have a list of barcode numbers or ISBNs of the products you wish to sell, you can also use our file upload function in the "Sell quicker" section.