Important information

Due to Brexit, we have to discontinue our service on for the moment!
Open sales will be processed and you can still access your account.

3. Questions on shipping and payment

The correct shipping address will already be printed on your free shipping labels, but if you need to write the adress yourself, please use the following address:

momox GmbH
Am alten Flughafen 100 


The postage is paid by momox. You can find out more in our shipping information.

Unfortunately, we cannot accept freight collect packages as the post office will charge us 15 GBP per package for it. Please use our free shipping labels instead.

The minimum sale value is £10.00.

As soon as we receive your items, they undergo an examination process. We will transfer your money, after we examined the items without delay.
If any of the items don't comply with our purchasing conditions, payout will be made as soon as you have informed us of your decision. You will be notified by us per e-mail and can then decide whether we shall return the item (subject to a charge; 12.00 GBP) or if the item shall be surrendered to momox (free of charge). We will set off the shipping costs against the remaining credit from your sale.

No. For security reasons, we only work with bank transfers.

Yes, you can use our "order extend" feature for that. As long as you haven't sent out any of the packages belonging to a specific sale, you can extend the sale with additional items.

On the last step of the checkout process, when finalizing your sale there is a form into which you can enter the voucher's code.

Please print out the free parcel label and affix it to your parcel so that it is clearly visible.

Please do not send your item(s) to a different address; otherwise, you will not receive payment and we cannot guarantee that we can return your item(s) to you.

Regardless of the chosen shipping option, please enclose this delivery note in the package.

Packing Guidelines
To avoid the risk of damage or loss in transit, please ensure that items are packaged properly. Guidelines on packing your items are provided below. You should take special care when packing fragile and heavy items.
Use sturdy shipping boxes of the right size and ensure that the box is sealed twice with adhesive tape at the top and bottom ends. Pack your item(s) in a shipping box in such a way that there is as little free space as possible. Use filler material such as crumpled newspapers, packing chips or air pouches to pad out any gaps and to prevent the contents from moving about in the box and being damaged or lost in transit.