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What is momox?

Would you like to sell us your used books, get rid of your old CDs, DVDs, or games? In this case, you have come to the right place.

How can I sell my books at momox?

If you want to sell books at momox, simply enter the barcode number or the ISBN of the book you want to sell. The barcode is either found on the back of the book, on the cover or on one of the first pages. You will immediately receive the price at which we buy your book. If you want to sell more books, repeat the process until your book sale is complete. Then simply check out or proceed to sell more items, such as games.

How does the book purchase work?

When you have completed the sale of your books online, just print out the delivery note, put all the articles including the delivery note in a package, stick the address label on the package and wait for the package to arrive at momox. A few days later your money is in your account!

How do I sell my CDs?

The purchase of CDs works just like the book purchase. If you want to sell CDs, search for the barcode number on the back cover of the CD or in the booklet. Please enter the barcode to get instant access to the price of your CD. After you have completed the CD sale, everything works similar to the book purchase.

How do I sell my DVDs?

Selling DVDs is just as easy as selling books or selling CDs. Just as with the CDs, the barcode number for DVDs is usually found on the back of the cover or in the booklet. By the way, you can not only sell DVDs, but also sell Blu Rays.

And how do I sell my games?

You can also sell your computer games and console games at momox. Whether you want to sell your old Wii, Xbox Gameboy, PlayStation or PC games – momox guarantees fixed prices as well as a secure sales process. The barcode number is usually found on the back of the package. Everything else works quite exactly as the book, CD and DVD purchase!