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Selling on momox – fair, easy & secure

Selling on Momox is...

  • 1.


    In auctions, you usually find out how much you get for your item at the end of the sale.
    We offer you a guaranteed fixed price for every item.
  • 2.


    We determine the purchase price of your items by executing real-time queries of various trader price lists. This means that you can be sure that our bids are always based on the current market price.
  • 3.


    Simply bundle it all into a package! Instead of selling and sending each item individually, you can use Momox to sell everything at once.
  • 4.


    Check prices online, package up everything, and get paid. It doesn't get any easier than this! Simply print out a pre-paid package label and post your package free of charge.
  • 5.


    When we receive your package, we check it first of all. We then transfer money to your bank account without delay.
  • 6.


    Instead of having to deal with a multitude of buyers, with us you only ever deal with Momox. And we guarantee zero disputes.
  • 7.


    No listing fees or the like. And we take care of the shipping costs.
  • 8.


    Recycling starts with re-use. For this reason, every book, CD, DVD or game you sell us makes a minor contribution to environmental protection.

This is also why, since May 2006, over 2,000,000 customers have placed their trust in us and traded-in more than 147,000,000 items.