Answers to the most frequently asked questions to do with momox.co.uk

1. General questions

1.1. What is Momox?

1.2. What are the benefits?

1.3. How does it work?

1.4. How do I finalise the sale?

1.5. How can I send in my items?

1.6. What's the delivery note all about?

1.7. How do I get hold of my money?

2. Which items can be traded in?

2.1. Which items do you purchase and which ones don't you?

2.2. Do you also buy records (LPs) or video tapes?

2.3. Can I sell multiple kinds of products at once, for example, bundle some books and CDs into one package?

2.4. Do you also buy other things, e.g. electronic devices or clothing?

2.5. My CDs are somewhat worse for wear. Can I still sell them to you?

2.6. What condition specifications apply with books?

2.7. What happens with items that are sent to us as part of a sale but are not included by EAN, ISBN or model name in the shopping basket?

2.8. What happens to items that do not comply with the purchasing conditions?

3. Questions on shipping and payment

3.1. What is the delivery address?

3.2. Who pays the postage?

3.3. Can I also send my package as "freight collect"?

3.4. What is the minimum amount?

3.5. How quickly do I receive my money?

3.6. Are there other ways to pay, e.g. PayPal, cash or cheque?

3.7. I've prepared everything for the sale and now I've found a few more items I'd like to sell. Can I still add these?

3.8. I have a voucher. How do I redeem it?

4. Questions about the website

4.1. I can't log in.

4.2. How do I log out?

4.3. What's behind the "Sell quicker" link?

5. Miscellaneous

5.1. What do you do with the items you purchase?

5.2. What contribution does Momox make to the environment?

5.3. Do you also purchase from Switzerland?